Computing and Software Systems draws on technologies and practices from computer science, engineering and project management to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enter a career in the software industry.

The Computing and Software Systems major is designed for students who wish to develop considerable technical expertise, including exposure to a variety of programming paradigms, an understanding of the systematic processes underpinning the software development lifecycle, and an appreciation of advanced topics in computing.

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In my third year I got to work with a team to build a real-time multiplayer iPhone game for the capstone project of my major. The game allowed players to connect to each other over their mobile networks and play a tank warfare game against each other on their phones. We had to build this from the bottom up, which involved constructing things like the graphics, the networking components and profiles for players. Lochlan Brick

Sample course plans

Sample course plans for the BSc [PDF]

  • Career Outcomes

    Software engineers are in demand in many places. They are needed by many large companies such as Telstra and BHP, by banks, airlines, CSIRO, the Department of Defence and other government bodies, and by smaller development companies.

    You could work for both large and small organisations in a wide range of industries, including the telecommunications, manufacturing, airlines, electronic entertainment, banking and finance, e-commerce and specialised software industries. Job titles may include:

    • designer and developer
    • project manager
    • database manager
    • systems analyst
    • business systems consultant
    • web producer
    • network systems engineer
    • programmer and infrastructure architect

    Employment for Software and Applications Programmers is expected to grow strongly to 2019 and earnings for this occupation are high.

    Bikram Bora

    "I hope to shape the world through software; using empowering software technologies to enable people to do more and be more."

  • Graduate Pathways

    Graduates who major in Software Systems will be eligible to continue on to the Master of Engineering (Software) and the Master of Engineering (Software with Business). You will also be well-placed to apply for:

    • Professionally focused graduate degrees in the sciences and technology, including biotechnology, environmental systems, informatics and nanotechnology;
    • Graduate degrees preparing for a wide range of professions including engineering, law, medicine and other health sciences, and teaching;
    • Masters and Honours pathways to research higher degrees in the sciences and technology within the Faculty of Science, Melbourne School of Engineering, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, and the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.