Life is dependent on plants! As the only living organisms able to make their own food, these primary producers are vital to the world's ecosystem. From food medicines, clothing, even the air we breathe, we could not exist without them.

In the Plant Science major you will gain comprehensive knowledge of plant biology, from cells and molecules to evolution and the environment. You will explore fundamental and interesting issues such as: how plants respond to climate change, the diversity of marine organisms and ecosystems, plant conservation and natural resources, plant cell biology, genomics and proteomics, as well as the evolution and ecology of Australian flora.

Demi Gamble

“As a child, I loved watching nature documentaries with my dad; Sir David Attenborough was my childhood idol. I am now trying to investigate the undocumented area of floral scent biology in Blue Mallee, and its role in mediating plant-animal interactions.”

Sample course plans

Sample course plans for the BSc [PDF]

  • Career Outcomes

    A major in Plant Science can open up employment or research careers in areas requiring a solid understanding of plants and their environments.

    You can pursue a career in many fields such as agriculture, horticulture, forestry, food technology, biotechnology, medicine and forensic science, as well as in forest products, conservation and wildlife studies, resource management and ecotourism.

    Employment in Agricultural and Forest Science is projected to remain relatively steady to 2019. Agricultural and Forest Scientists have above average full-time jobs, and earnings are also above average.

  • Graduate Pathways

    Bachelor of Science graduates with a major in Plant Science are well-placed to apply for:

    • Professionally focused graduate degrees in the sciences and technology, including biotechnology, environmental systems, informatics and nanotechnology;
    • Graduate degrees preparing for a wide range of professions including engineering, law, medicine and other health sciences, and teaching;
    • Masters and Honours pathways to research higher degrees in the sciences and technology within the Faculty of Science, Melbourne School of Engineering, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, and the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.