Neuroscience is one of the largest areas of study within the entire sphere of modern biology. It is also an area where Australian research has significant international impact.

The Neuroscience major will help you understand the fundamental organisation and functional principles of the nervous system from the biology of nerve cells and neural circuits through to the neural systems and complex behaviours.

A multidisciplinary area of study, the Neuroscience major combines a wide of range of methods and conceptual approaches united by the subject matter: understanding the nervous system.

Alexander Eastwood

“I had always been fascinated by the human brain, but the ‘Principles of Neuroscience’ unit demonstrated to me the plethora of unknowns and unexplored phenomena that proceed from it. With a particular penchant for neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental conditions, I was hooked, like a determined explorer in a time when the world was less known.”

Sample course plans

Sample course plans for the BSc [PDF]

  • Career Outcomes

    Graduates can combine their studies in neuroscience with more vocationally-oriented courses to build a career in areas such as drug development, basic research, drug evaluation, education, audiology, behavioural research and brain imaging.

    Earnings for life scientists, which includes Neuroscience, are above average and employment for this occupation is expected to grow moderately to 2019.

  • Graduate Pathways

    Bachelor of Science graduates with a major in Neuroscience are well-placed to apply for:

    • Professionally focused graduate degrees in the sciences and technology, including biotechnology, environmental systems, informatics and nanotechnology;
    • Graduate degrees preparing for a wide range of professions including engineering, law, medicine and other health sciences, and teaching;
    • Masters and Honours pathways to research higher degrees in the sciences and technology within the Faculty of Science, Melbourne School of Engineering, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, and the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.